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The tragedy that became Selebi’s life

25 January 2015 17:00

And so a final chapter closes on Jackie Selebi as he passes on to join his African ancestors. And what a pity that a life lived in service of the people ends with the epitaph of a corrupt cop who went down in shame because of Italian shoes and a few thousand rand.

The sad irony of terrorism

25 January 2015 15:00

Terror is, first of all, the terror of the next attack,” writes Arjun Appadurai in Fear of Small Numbers. “It opens the possibility that anyone may be a soldier in disguise, a sleeper among us, waiting to strike at the heart of our social slumber.”

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19 January 2015 14:00

The rands and sense of our democracy

21 January 2015 6:01

SA has to own the Charter


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The politics of personal perception

What is the point of publishing the article “Race and Cape Town: Your colour matters at restaurants” (City Press, January 18 2015)? It’s a scurrilous article, not based on facts, but on one person’s perceptions. You haven’t even given those much-maligned restaurants a right of reply.

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Do they think I fought against apartheid just to reinstall it?
Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille on the ANC describing the city as South Africa’s apartheid capital