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How much is enough?

29 July 2014 6:45

Leaders implicated in graft and state contracts have become the norm rather than the exception. Hennie van Vuuren addresses the buffalo in the room.

The freedom fairytale

28 July 2014 13:45

In the wake of Mandela Day, Milisithando Bongela questions what the pervasive image of Madiba and the narrative of ‘reconciliation’ really means.

On my radar: How much butter in your coffee?

25 July 2014 13:30

When I talk to people about the latest foodie trend of adding butter to your coffee, I inevitably get that look – a blank and over-polite expression that clearly questions my sanity at the same time.

Inside Labour: On a loan to poverty

25 July 2014 6:45

Official statistics note that borrowing by South African households has declined slightly. But we remain a nation wallowing in debt. And this applies from the government down to the humblest of families.

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24 July 2014 13:30

TV: Here’s the bad news


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Nkandla: Taking the fall

Readers react cynically to the news that Public Works Minister Thulas Nxesi is cracking the whip over Nkandla spending

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All of us here must stop paying TV licences; there must be a march where all of us are going to burn our TV licences in front of the SABC.
said Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema during the party’s one-year anniversary rally on Saturday.