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Remembering the sheroes who fought back

23 August 2014 6:00

After the British colonised the Asante in Ghana in 1896, the colonialists’ representative, Arnold Hodgson, visited an area known as Kumasi and demanded to sit on the Golden Stool, which, to the Asante, symbolised the soul of the people.

On my radar: Activism meets capitalism

22 August 2014 6:45

If you’re a regular social-media user, the hashtag has become part and parcel of your online language. For the uninitiated, hashtags enable people to search for a topic of interest, or follow a breaking news story on social-media platforms.

Women must redefine Africa’s agenda

20 August 2014 13:45

The Women’s Charter, adopted at the 1954 founding conference of the Federation of SA Women – the first nonracial women’s organisation in the country – laid the foundation for democratic South Africa’s domestic and international prioritisation of women as an integral part of nation-building and development.

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16 August 2014 12:00

The tragedy of Pallo Jordan


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Charity kills the spirit

Charity is a step back in alleviating poverty. At the recent economic summit held in the US, President Barack Obama stressed the need to increase funding to Africa.

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In our society, with all the criticisms, he is some kind of example for where he comes from.
SABC board lawyer Ngwako Maenetje defending Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s appointment as chief operating officer