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Andile Mngxitama

Why I didn’t join Agang SA

18 August 2013 10:00

Late last year, Dr Mamphela Ramphele invited me to two meetings where she asked if I would join her in building a new political project, which was to become Agang SA.

Why the masses love Malema

17 April 2010 11:24

JULIUS Malema is our most exci­ting politician. He provokes wild passion. The snobbish black middle class is embarrassed by him; black pundits are annoyed and whites are terrified. But the black masses love him wildly. Out of touch commentators read his fortunes, narrowly predicting his political death after small ­shenanigans like the recent chaotic youth […]

Do you still have the mind of a slave

8 December 2009 11:09

  THE moralistic condemnations that follow each episode of negrophobia – mistakenly named xenophobia – needs to make way for explanation. All the explanations to date have failed to answer the key question: Why the orgy of violence for so little when there is so much to fight for? A related question is: Why are […]

Soldiers of delusion

13 November 2009 13:31

PYRRHIC. I like this word. I’m not sure how it is pronounced but I like it. When I first saw this word I couldn’t help but think about fire. I suppose I must have associated it with “pyre”. The origins of the word pyrrhic lies in events of 279 BC. According to the tale, one […]

Reconciliation without justice

24 October 2009 13:46

HOW do we explain the strange behaviour of a black university head who is hired to transform a racist ­institution but ends up inviting back white students accused of racist behaviour? Prof Jonathan Jansen initially got support for his “brave” move from influential quarters including some university “stakeholders” such as Sasco and a cabinet minister […]