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Dion Chang

Dion Chang is the founder of Flux Trends. For more trends, visit

On my radar: These are the days of our load-shedding lives

3 March 2015 8:00

Human resilience is an amazing thing. We can adapt to the cruellest conditions when our survival instinct kicks in. Watching the nation adjust to load shedding has been a masterclass in survival instinct psychology and the adaptability of human behaviour.

On my radar: Tech for the greater good

31 October 2014 13:45

Technology scares a lot of people. For the technophobes out there, it feels like someone has pressed the fast-forward button on the movie that is life and no one can locate the pause button. But rest assured, I’ve seen the future and there is a gentler side.

On my radar: iDisorders and other digital addictions

17 October 2014 13:45

Our “always on, always connected” virtual lives should have come with a health warning. We are now slowly discovering that the digital era is giving rise to physical and mental ailments, and doctors are only beginning to understand the magnitude of this growing problem.

On my radar: Digital burnout

31 August 2014 15:00

Tomorrow is Spring Day, the official start of the summer season, but I bet many of you reading this don’t feel frisky at all. The year is flying by and, if you feel this one seems faster and is harder, read on – your are not alone. A lot more people are feeling the effects of digital burnout.

On my radar: Activism meets capitalism

22 August 2014 6:45

If you’re a regular social-media user, the hashtag has become part and parcel of your online language. For the uninitiated, hashtags enable people to search for a topic of interest, or follow a breaking news story on social-media platforms.