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Paddy Harper

King Zwelithini’s sixth wedding, tight deadlines and 3G gridlock

28 July 2014 13:19

Saturday. The Croc and I are in Ulundi. Again. We’re waiting, but not for the Commander in Chief. This time. The CiC’s here, but he’s not the reason why we’re waiting.

‘The killer is out there’

16 July 2014 15:21

Residents of Pongola’s Ncotshane township are uneasy ahead of the funeral on Saturday of murdered four-year-old Lungisani “Kiki’’ Ntuli, whose dismembered body was found in a bag in a building at a local church two weeks ago.

Burnt bones found behind priest’s home, community baying for blood

13 July 2014 6:00

Workers laying a water pipeline behind the house of a priest this week made a horrifying discovery at the edge of the Pongola property: a pile of partially burnt bones, which they believe are human.