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Rami G Khouri

Resolving Gaza begins from 1947

3 August 2014 15:00

The terrible situation in Gaza focuses today on whether the parties can agree on a humanitarian ceasefire that will also trigger negotiations on deeper contested issues to try and resolve the underlying conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Why there won’t be a third intifada

13 July 2014 15:00

The past two weeks of attacks by Israelis and Palestinians and street clashes in Jerusalem have raised questions about whether Palestinians will launch a third intifada to shake off Israeli occupation.

Egypt’s revolution: Part 2

7 July 2013 6:00

I support the will of the Egyptian people because, in my book, any citizenry that once worshipped cats, and more recently removed two autocratic military and theocratic-thugocratic regimes, is a citizenry defined by wisdom and sensibility.

Israel’s elections will have sharp global consequences

27 January 2013 10:00

Since the late 1970s, Israeli society has been moving steadily to the right in three main trajectories: greater reliance on military force as a primary foreign policy tool; more policy making and social influence by religious Jews; and a growing nationalist commitment to a greater Israel concept that ­includes building new settlements and preventing the birth of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.