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The king is out of order

19 April 2015 15:00

Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini is out of order when he rages and points fingers at the media, accusing it of twisting his words when he said foreigners must leave South Africa and go back to their countries.

Silent Muslims must speak up

12 April 2015 15:00

I start by stating that South Africa and Africa belong to all those who live in it, irrespective of race, gender, religion, colour or social background.

Take statues to Boerassic Park

5 April 2015 15:01

What a pity that those of us who predicted the eventual discomfort with symbols of an unhappy past did not replace street names, town names and statues with a more neutral disguise.

Traditional leaders are still relevant

5 April 2015 15:00

I am responding to the poorly researched column on traditional leaders, “The chiefs are losing SA’s vote” by Mondli Makhanya (City Press, March 29 2015).

Cosatu is better off without Vavi

5 April 2015 15:00

It is interesting to see how the South African media, never known for its support for trade unions in general or for Cosatu in particular, has overwhelmingly come out in support of Zwelinzima Vavi who, for some years, has appeared to be the personal owner of Cosatu.

Do white South Africans get it?

29 March 2015 15:00

I hardly ever agree with Mondli Makhanya. However, in the article “The decline in the relations of race” (City Press, March 22 2015), he is spot-on.

The JSC is showing signs of maturity

Our Constitution sees all people who live in South Africa as equals – and the country as a place where the colour of one’s skin should not be used for or against that person.

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The King’s Speech, like a match to tinder

I’m busy working on Saturday’s babalaas when I get an SMS from a government spin doctor: “King Goodwill Zwelithini is going to talk about the xenophobia at KwaHlongwa near Maphumulo in a couple of hours’ time.”

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President Jacob Zuma has failed us. He has not protected us.
Amos Madhudhu, a Zimbabwean who was part of a group of foreigners who were displaced in Ekurhuleni, lashing out at South Africa’s government