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On my radar: Meet Brad, the grumpy toaster

17 April 2014 10:00

If you haven’t yet heard the phrase “the internet of things”, then best you settle down and read further because the internet of things is already part of our daily lives and is soon going to be even more embedded in everything we do.

Spoil-your-ballot campaign is out of touch

16 April 2014 14:19

When I first heard about the “No Vote” campaign being spearheaded by ANC veterans and long-term activists, my instinctive reaction was a dismissive one – here come a bunch of out-of-touch Capetonians with yet another harebrained scheme.

Stuck between poverty and a machine

16 April 2014 10:00

Farm-employer organisation AgriSA last week met with trade union representatives in an effort to strike a deal to allow unionisation on farms – especially in the winelands of the Western Cape.

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We are not bullies – IFP

As the IFP mourned one of its members in Ulundi, who was allegedly murdered by the National Freedom Party (NFP), this paper ran an article (“Ballot bullies”, April 6 2014) that explored a recent research report by the Community Agency for Social Enquiry (Case).

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When they come, it should be for worship, not to canvass for membership.
SA Council of Churches general secretary, Mautji Pataki, on politicians taking to churches over the Easter weekend to campaign for the upcoming elections