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A curious case … Freedom, but for whom?

22 January 2015 6:00

The Setswana fable of Phokojwe le Phiri holds lessons on freedom for all of us. As fables often go, the story changes, depending on who’s telling it. But the plot points are the same.

Is Sadtu still accountable to society?

20 January 2015 15:00

Whether one agrees with its position or not, the fact that teachers’ union Sadtu publicly declares its position is commendable and creates an avenue for wider public engagement that is beyond the union itself, and encompasses both teachers and the government as the employer.

Climbing the mountain of Cape Town’s whiteness

19 January 2015 8:00

Martina Dahlmanns blew the whistle on racism encountered by her friend Tumi Mpofu, who recently tried to go to dinner at a restaurant at the Twelve Apostles hotel in Cape Town. Mpofu asked Dahlmanns to make the booking, which was confirmed. The booking was subsequently denied when the visitors turned out to be black. This is Dahlmanns’ story of finding a diverse space in the Mother City

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19 January 2015 14:00

The rands and sense of our democracy


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They understood us very well that where there are challenges, we have plans to remedy the situation.
President Jacob Zuma on investors following his participation in the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos