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EFF gets on the ANC’s (scape)goat

1 September 2014 13:45

These days, if you aren’t obnoxiously absurd you simply won’t get any attention. How does the SABC fire actors who have passed matric but keep a chief operating officer who doesn’t? And we all saw team Juju shouting “pay back the money”.

6% is all it takes

1 September 2014 6:45

Even though the EFF won only a fraction of the vote, it has raised its hand as the unofficial opposition. But how will the ANC respond?

On my radar: Digital burnout

31 August 2014 15:00

Tomorrow is Spring Day, the official start of the summer season, but I bet many of you reading this don’t feel frisky at all. The year is flying by and, if you feel this one seems faster and is harder, read on – your are not alone. A lot more people are feeling the effects of digital burnout.

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1 September 2014 6:45

6% is all it takes

28 August 2014 6:45

Our deafening Swazi silence


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He apprehends danger to his life and limb.
The court petition of an Indian man who was granted a divorce on the grounds that his wife had an insatiable appetite for sex