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Inside Labour: Nationalisation is capitalism by a new name

30 July 2014 6:45

Nationalise the mines. This demand has been taken up loudly by the Economic Freedom Fighters. It is a demand long made by many in the labour movement and it has been given added impetus with the decision this week by Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) to dispose of, or close down, a few of its older underground mines.

Arms shouldn’t give legs to graft

29 July 2014 13:45

The man on the other side of the table guffawed loudly and shook his head. “Nobody will ever find anything. Nobody will ever prove anything,” said the man, his laughter and headshake now making me feel like an imbecile.

The roots of Afrikaner rage

29 July 2014 11:45

Using Die Boeremag’s Soweto bombing in October 2002 as a springboard, Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela reflects on the position of Afrikaners in South Africa, who also have a long and bitter history of struggle

How much is enough?

29 July 2014 6:45

Leaders implicated in graft and state contracts have become the norm rather than the exception. Hennie van Vuuren addresses the buffalo in the room.

The freedom fairytale

28 July 2014 13:45

In the wake of Mandela Day, Milisithando Bongela questions what the pervasive image of Madiba and the narrative of ‘reconciliation’ really means.

On my radar: How much butter in your coffee?

25 July 2014 13:30

When I talk to people about the latest foodie trend of adding butter to your coffee, I inevitably get that look – a blank and over-polite expression that clearly questions my sanity at the same time.

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24 July 2014 13:30

TV: Here’s the bad news

29 July 2014 6:45

How much is enough?


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