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Zuma, Mbete ‘lead Parliament by example’

25 February 2015 12:45

True to his magnanimous leadership trait, President Jacob Zuma commended the Economic Freedom Fighters’ Julius Malema, the Inkatha Freedom Party’s Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Cope’s Mosiuoa Lekota as some of the debaters who contributed valuably to the two-day debate on the state of the nation address in Parliament.

The nation drifts unguided

23 February 2015 6:00

It is a well-known fact that President Jacob Zuma is at his best when he is against the ropes. He is like that classic boxer who loses every round and gets written off by official and amateur scorers, but comes back in the dying minutes of the bout to deliver a sucker punch.

The house that SA didn’t build

22 February 2015 17:00

The events in and around Parliament over the past 10 days have left many of us in a state of deep despair and shock. The question asked most often is: How did things become so bad, so quickly?

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22 February 2015 17:00

The house that SA didn’t build

25 February 2015 15:00

Please, don’t rename the child


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Fifty shades of vanilla gets the tongues, erm, wagging

So, let’s talk about Fifty Shades of Grey. Last weekend the movie raked in more than R2.7 billion; for those numerically disinclined (like me) that’s roughly two metric f**k-tons or many, many Nkandlas.

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Issues left unresolved in Malamulele

The municipal chaos in Malamulele is gaining momentum in many ways after the area was denied its own municipality by the Municipal Demarcation Board a few weeks ago.

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The party has a choice. Not me. I’ve said I don’t choose my successor.
Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe on his successor