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  • Moor

    That could have been Ms. Zille speaking. She could have been more explicit about the plundering by the ANC and how it affects the poor.
    Nevertheless it was a respected, moral and admired black woman speaking so perhaps she will be heard by those who dismiss what “the madam” says.
    Be afraid you thieving ANC bullies, be very afraid.

  • Jimmy Kirkwood

    The fact that you are calling for real democracy (ie; we will vote for our representives and they will no longer be appointed by the party Bigwigs) means I will consider voting for you very seriously. Mrs. Mamphela Ramphele.

  • Drexlar Mutant

    We can all see the ruling elite is serving itself at an expense of the poor, middle and upper class, I wonder what are they thinking now. I have already seen how die hard fans are bashing the Doc with nothing positive to say. I am really sick and tired of corruption news in this country we need a revolution really.

  • b8a

    I hope she has good security. Nothing is more dangerous than a corrupt politician being separated from his millions.

  • Michael Hancock

    If Ramphele is serious in changing how we vote for representatives i might juuuuuuuuuust think of supporting her!

  • Michael Hancock

    Once Ramphele has tested the waters and got some politics cred she will join the DA, her thinking is very close to Zille already!

  • Michael Hancock

    Qnly a combined opposition and Ramphele can save us from the criminal ANC!

  • Mfundisi

    Splitting the DA vote would be an act of conceit.

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